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Back in Sydney.. Why are the drugs so shitty and overpriced??


Christian Rizzo, 1999
Objet dansant à définir
100% polyester
“A line hangs between the back and the proscenium where two dresses hang from a moving metallic structure, their long sleeves sewn together. Two raw dresses, see-through, inlaid with interlaced artificial hair which recalls vegetal fibres. Fans start one after the other while the mobile goes slowly along the line. The dresses begint to have a floating movement, almost imperceptible, then move lightly, until they lift up and turn round on themselves. Between light and shadow –subtly organised by Cathy Olive elegance, delicacy, a device with an hypnotic effect.”
carole bodin, mouvement april / june 2000

Words can’t describe my feelings for Berlin


(can’t stop whats coming)
after hiking 17 miles on the Laugavegurinn Trail on our first day we found ourselves in need of hiking down to that valley. A storm was approaching quickly. Notice the low cloud cover. Never felt such violent winds before in my life. Stormed all night

“Exit Up”, c. 2013

Geneviève Bjargardóttir
Copenhagen - don’t mind the serious concentration face

I don’t want to leave London


Mangini Adalberto & Laura